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Oct 10, 2012 7:00pm EDT
. arthur got it right. romney has said now on several occasions, both during the debate several times and just before the debate, he is going to put strict caps -- are you listening, jared -- strict caps on itemized deductions. those caps will range between $17,000 and probably $40,000, $45,000. the more money you make, the lower your cap is going to be. once you apply those strict caps, then the math adds up if you get some decent growth, that is. >> one more thing, larry, the deductions are the greatest benefit at the highest tax rates. so therefore limiting the deductions at the highest rate gives you the greatest base and revenue -- >> all true, art. but here's the thing. he has taken off the table capital gains, dividends, interest deductibility, the mortgage interest deduction -- >> no, he hasn't. he has not. jared, he's said everything is on the table. jared, my friend, when asked this question, besides the specifics of the dollar limit, he has said everything is on the table. come on. that's what he said. >> he can't do that without raising taxes on middle class people. >> yes
Oct 12, 2012 7:00pm EDT
increases and it probably means the tax reduction for businesses both large and small. i think that's very positive for economic growth. my friend mona sharon wrote a piece called the romney boom, and i believe entrepreneurs are so ready to have a boom, if only the -- if only the tax and regulatory threats would be removed, zack, that's why i'm saying people might want to get ready for a boom if the election goes on its way. >> if washington can get its act together, president obama favors lowering the corporate tax rate. if washington can get its act together to bring u.s. corporate tax rates. . if you want to do the romney boom just stick to the coal and defense stocks. if you want to do it safe, coal defense stocks. >> what about banks and what about cyclical retail? that's the last one. >> i did the cyclical retail. health care, you know, it's a difficult thing. >> all right. gentlemen, i'll leave it there. zack carrabell, thank you very much. lee munson, up next on kudlow, the nobel peace prize gets awarded to the european union and it's the nutiest thing i've ever heard unless you're
Oct 11, 2012 7:00pm EDT
to start out by saying i think if you talk to political professionals in both parties they don't see the electoral map that auspicious for romney is that real clear politics map with the states shifted. if you look at the real clear map only with no tossup states, where they push all the states where somebody has an advantage, obama is in a much stronger position, and we saw from our polls today that milt romney is trailing by six points in the state of ohio where he must win. but the test tonight for paul ryan is to try, us a mention, to accelerate the momentum that romney gained last week and try to prevent joe biden from coming out very aggressively and saying, hey, wait a minute. president obama may not have said it, but i'm going to say it tonight. there are contradictions between the romney who was on stage in denver, the romney record. joe biden is an experienced debater. he sometimes makes mistakes verbally. we'll see how he handles that, and paul ryan is young. there's a very large age gap between these two, but he is somebody who is very fluent in policy, as you know. an in
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3